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Bill Nemec
03/18/2011 at 05:33PM
We now have a beautiful Koi pond, which is the envy of our neighbors and friends thanks to Beaver Creek Aquatics. I put the pond in approximately fifteen years ago and all was going well until four years ago. The pond water began to turn green (the color and clarity of pea soup) and string algae were growing throughout the 11’ by 16’ by 3’ foot deep pond. I did frequent water changes and cleaned the filters, which curtailed some of the algae growth, but within days of the water change the water would cloud up to the point I could barely see the fish. I became concerned when two of my Koi suddenly died so I called Beaver Creek Aquatics and Justin went right to work. He explained to me what he suspected was the problem; he did a water quality test, examined my filter system and evaluated the Koi’s health. Justin’s evaluation determined high ammonia levels and out-of-balance Ph levels. To start, Justin recommended a weekly service visit and at each visit, he took great care to do water tests, clean the filters and stock the pond with healthy bacteria.Within days of the first pond service, I began to notice a water quality change. The fish became active, their appetites improved and the algae began to die off. After the third pond service, the algae had completely died off and the water was crystal clear.Since Justin has been taking care of our pond not one Koi has died and in fact for the first time in ten years our fish began to spawn. We now take great pride and joy in our Koi pond. I am convinced without Justin’s meticulous pond care we would have lost more fish and today our beautiful pond might instead be a lawn. If you want your pond well cared for do yourself and your fish a favor, hire Beaver Creek Aquatics.
Marty Shewbert
03/19/2011 at 12:37PM
Justin just finished cleaning my pond and I must say, it is beautiful! He did a fantastic job, in just a short amount of time. Justin is very knowledgable and passionate about ponds and aquatic life. Real friendly, very professional, and I will DEFINATELY call him back!
04/07/2011 at 02:17PM
Justin does a great job on my 125 aquarium. I was having trouble with the quality of the reef. He did a great job of bringing it back to life. It has never looked better. Corals are bright and growing, fish are fat and healthy and i would highly recommend BEAVER CREEK AQUATICS.
Sam Rindskopf
05/02/2011 at 09:54PM
I met Justin while he was working at an aquarium store, I immediately developed a tremendous respect for him based on his honesty and knowledge, a knowledge is backed by a college degree in a related field. I adjusted my visits to ensure he would be there to assist me and answer any questions I would have. When Justin started his own business it was a no brainer for me to ask him to assist me in maintaining my 90 gal salt water reef tank. With his knowledge and assistance my tank is doing great. He does a water change once a month. I do the changes weekly when Justin doesn't come, if I could afford it and Justin had the time I would have him come by weekly. He checks the water chemistry and does a good survey of the overall health of the tank. His trained eye spots problems before they become major disasters. It is great to have someone as knowledgeable as Justin helping me truly enjoy this wonderful hobby.
08/17/2011 at 07:57AM
Justin arrived to evaluate my 11 year old ponds. I seemed to loose prime and the pump would struggle. Also I had string algae that defied all algae removers except manual removal. Within and hour he had taken my aqua filter apart and broke up the debris,flushed the system had the pump running like new.The algae remover i purchased works wonders,as my daughter stated
Bob Sheridan
10/07/2011 at 09:41AM
Our pond looks like it did when we first put it in nine years ago. Justin did a wonderful job thoroughly cleaning rocks and all. The pond water cleared quickly and the fish seem happier and we sure can see them better without all the crud that had accumulated. You have a great service. Thanks, Justin.
Phil B.
12/12/2012 at 07:30AM
Our pond looks like brand new - Justin was able to revitalize our pond when the water was full of sludge and algae. It was completely opaque and he was able to clean it out perfectly, fix our pump filter, and provide us with the right additives to keep it looking perfect. All of our fish and turtles survived the process perfectly. Although his rate is not cheap, you get what you pay for. He does an outstanding job and even came back out to ensure the pond was crystal clear. We will continue to use Beaver Creek for all of our pond servicing needs!!!
Jim Manner
03/05/2013 at 10:46AM
Our waterfall/pond was created about 4 years ago by Matt Jurge using Aquascape products. We have been very pleased with the water clarity and the entire ecosystem with the life that it brings. We have had two emergency incidents with the pond each occurring on a two year cycle. The most recent was muddy water created by gophers. We panicked when nobody was answering our call until we found Justin at Beaver Creek. He was here within 30 minutes and saved the day as well as the fowled pump. Everything he said about recovering from this has come true. Justin is a very professional, knowledgeable and caring person when it comes to the livelihood of one's pond. Justin, we will definitely have you back for that water change/cleaning when the gophers are definitely history.
09/16/2013 at 05:03PM
Our pond had become exactly what I'd dreaded -- an ugly, sluggish green pit with barely discernible creatures moving around in the water. Disgusting! Clearly, we needed to institute a more effective and pro-active maintenance schedule, if not rebuild the pond altogether and start over. Our fish guy put us in touch with Justin, via the San Diego Koi Club. He is so knowledgeable! After a thorough exam of the pond, he made several suggestions as to what would bring it back to health and beauty; the first was a complete water change-out and pressure washing. He crafted a maintenance schedule based on our desired level of involvement, gave us cost estimates, and scheduled the work. Just a few days ago, in less than four hours, he and his dad thoroughly cleaned and reinvigorated our pond. Our fish are HAPPY now. And so are we. SO glad we connected with Justin.

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