Pond Clean-outs

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Let us focus on the details
Updated on 03/11/2011 at 03:39AM
First the pond is partially drained on site, livestock is temporarily held on site with large water systems that are aerated and covered, while the rest of the pond is drained. Next high pressure po ...
Servicing method is gentle on aquatic Life & Ecosystem
Updated on 03/24/2011 at 12:14AM
Our process for pond Clean Outs has been proven to be gentle on the aquatic life including desirable pond plants, Koi and all other types of fish, Turtles and also preserves the all-important biolo ...

Service Description

Does your system seem to have a lot of “muck” in it? Has it been a whole year and it seems that EVERYTHING from the last year has simply piled up in the pond? Let us take the pond back to its former glory with a full clean out! This process removes any unwanted organic or physical build up, giving you back the koi pond or water feature that has been hidden underneath for too long.



Service Cost


This service is done within a few short hours, and the price varies depending on what the scale of service requires. After an initial system survey, we can quote you a precise estimate for the pond clean out. All additives are a separate charge from the cost of labor.


Marty Shewbert
05/07/2011 at 07:14PM
Justin just finished cleaning my pond and I must say, it is beautiful! He did a fantastic job, in just a short amount of time. Justin is very knowledgable and passionate about ponds and aquatic life. Real friendly, very professional, and I will DEFINATELY call him back!

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