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Koi Pond, Water Garden and Water feature specialists

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Beaver Creek Aquatics is San Diego’s Natural Pond, Water feature and Water garden specialists

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Koi Ponds

We can help you with all aspects of a dedicated, natural planted or hybrid Koi Pond including Design, Consultation, Installation, Upgrades, Repairs, Seasonal work or Routine Maintenance.

Let us help create a healthy and simple Koi Pond that keeps your fish in optimal health and your time at the pond a pure joy.

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Water Gardens

Interested in all of the natural beauty of flowing water, the splash of a waterfall, or softspoken stream with a full display of aquatic plants, blooming flowers and the wildlife that comes with it?

Perhaps you want the sights and sounds of flowing water at your home or office, but are focused on minimizing energy, water and maintenance? We can help you here as well.

Pond Product Supplies - Beaver Creek Aqua

All aquatic systems can make use of our products to help us increase the quality of our pond or water feature experience over time. The benefits of these additives, when used in combination with proper system maintenance can improve water clarity, decrease common causes of fish illness and even loss of fish, decrease organic buildup and algaes on pond bottoms and waterfalls in our ponds and water features.

Natural Beauty Cultured with Care

We recommend a regular scheduled maintenance program.

Need assistance designing, improving, or maintaining your koi pond, aquatic garden or water feature? We can help. With over ten years experience in the industry and an in-depth academic background in aquatic ecology, we are San Diego’s premier Koi pond and Aquatic specialists. We can provide a natural and beautiful water feature, koi pond or aquarium for your home or business using only the finest products and services coupled with honest, dependable and skilled workmanship. If you have a water feature, koi pond or aquarium, we would love to help improve it’s beauty and serenity and unlock its hidden potential.

We offer on site consultations at your home or office for a nominal fee to get to the heart of your specific needs and concerns. One of our technicians will spend as much time as you need on site to provide a clear and concise answer to all of your questions and provide you with peace of mind and whatever your home or office project may need.

Natural Aquatic Solutions