Celebrating 10 years and beyond

We made it! No really, we survived and thrived for 10 wonderful years doing what we love: Providing experience, products and on site care for Koi Ponds, Water Gardens and Water Features.

Also we are proud to be launching this new web experience for current and future Koi Pond and Water Feature owners to visit and find information, beneficial supplies and access to our aquatic specialists.

When I started out, I saw a perfect match between my skill set and the specific needs of designing and maintaining ecosystems in our local homes and businesses. I am glad to say that just over ten years later we here at Beaver Creek Aquatics are doing just that; providing amazing pondside experiences and enjoying every minute of it.

Every day I personally have my hands in the water, interacting with Koi Fish, pond plants, insects, birds and connecting with the people that enjoy them as well.

I am extremely grateful for my wife, friends and family who have supported me and our business since the beginning. I am lucky to be able to turn a lifelong love of nature, animals and their ecology into a thriving business that has grown for over ten years now.

Here’s to another ten years!

Justin Beaver
Beaver Creek Aquatics

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