Aquatic Services

Design, Consultation, Upgrade, Repair and Routine Maintenance

At Beaver Creek Aquatics, we specialize in a variety of Koi Pond, Water Garden and other Water Feature services to provide you with a complete regiment of maintenance and care for your natural aquatic ecosystem. We also specialize in the consultation and design of Koi Ponds and other aquatic systems to fit your home or office space. Below is a detailed list of what we can do for you tomake your nature experience a great one.

Initial System Survey Droplet

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment, Fish, Plant and Ecology inspection

Scheduled Pond Servicing

Routine system maintenance including care of pumps, filters, water quality, algae control and supply and addition of products as needed

  • Weekly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly

Pond Clean-Outs

  • Full system Drain, Fish housed temporarily on site
  • Pressure rinse and de-mucking of system and inspection
  • Reset, Refill, Treat new water and re-introduction of fish

Koi Fish Medication And Pond Treatment

  • Chlorine/ammonia remover
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Pond and Waterfall Scrubber
  • Defoamer
  • Safe and Effective treatments for parasite/bacterial infections

Pond Troubleshooting

  • Leaks/cracks
  • Pump trouble
  • Equipment trouble filter/UV

Emergency Service Call

  • Life happens at all hours, and we are available for on site assistance at all hours
    24/7 emergency service

Aquatic Ecology

  • Aquatic ecosystem development and maintenance
  • Consultation and Design of plan specific chemistry/ecology balance
  • Help with understanding all the variables at play in the Pond

Aquatic System Consultation And Design

  • Koi Pond, Water Garden or Water Feature design
  • Landscape layout, Required Equipment List
  • Bringing the dream of Nature in your Home or Office to life!

Please be advised that we require a 24 hr cancelation notice prior to scheduled time of arrival.

There will be a charge of $45.00 for any cancellations made after the 24 hr time frame.

There will be a service call charge of 65.00 for onsite cancellations (If we arrive per our scheduled appointment and customer cancels)