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Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment

Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 8oz
Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 16oz
Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 32oz
Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 7lb
Dry Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment 28lb

Beaver Creek Dry Beneficial Bacteria and Enzyme water treatments are scientifically blended to produce maximum sludge eating and organic reducing results in all ponds and natural water environments. Our Beneficial Bacteria and Enzyme water treatment line will support optimal water quality and vigorous pond-life. It’s perfect for weekly maintenance and providing balanced water environments. Beaver Creek Dry Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes contains electrolytes, enzymes, and a concentration of pro-biotic microbes that consume built-up sludge, uneaten fish food, fish waste, and excess nutrients. This excess waste all can lead to diseased fish and pond-life. Beaver Creek’s Dry Bacteria and Enzymes completely dissolve and is the most concentrated supplement available in the industry. One single ounce (1 oz) of this product treats 1000 gallons of water.

All aquatic systems can make use of our products to help us increase the quality of our pond or water feature experience over time. The benefits of these additives, when used in combination with proper system maintenance can improve water clarity, decrease common causes of fish illness and even loss of fish, decrease organic buildup and algaes on pond bottoms and waterfalls in our ponds and water features.

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