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Rock And Waterfall Scrubber - Beaver Creek Aqua

Rock And Waterfall Pond Cleaner Powder

Rock & Waterfall Scrubber 8oz
Rock & Waterfall Scrubber 16oz
Rock & Waterfall Scrubber 32oz
Rock & Waterfall Scrubber 7lb
Rock & Waterfall Scrubber 25lb

Dirty sludge filled pond water can be a major problem for pond owners. Retaining clean and pure water that is properly balanced can be made easy with Beaver Creek Aquatic’s premium Rock and Waterfall Scrubber. Beaver Creek’s Rock and Waterfall scrubber is perfect for any water feature. Our Rock and Waterfall Scrubber uses oxygen for maximum efficiency and is the ultimate tool for the safe removal of debris from pond features, such as rocks, waterfalls, and streams. Beaver Creek Rock and Waterfall Scrubber is comprised of granules that are fish-safe and dissolvable. Our product restores the natural electrolyte balance and prevents dramatic shifts in the PH-balance of pond water. Beaver Creek Aquatics Rock and Waterfall Scrubber is completely safe for all pond-life and comes in sizes that fit commercial and residential needs.

All aquatic systems can make use of our products to help us increase the quality of our pond or water feature experience over time. The benefits of these additives, when used in combination with proper system maintenance can improve water clarity, decrease common causes of fish illness and even loss of fish, decrease organic buildup and algaes on pond bottoms and waterfalls in our ponds and water features.

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